Monday, October 25, 2010

NYCWFF '10: That Saturday

Coca-Cola Girls
It's time to FINALLY tell you about this year's New York Wine & Food Festival. Please accept my apologies for the delays, The Breslin, a Kansas weekend, and at least one illness got in the way. But here's the first post, what I did that Saturday. It involved a lot of dessert and some mezcal, thankfully not together.

Saturday Grand Tasting
That afternoon, loaded down with my Breslin brunch, I wobbled on over to the Saturday Grand Tasting. My plan was to do a lap so that I can be very discriminate in what I tasted, a girl can only eat so much.

I took note of the new Medea digital vodka! I noticed none said "Buy me! Buy me now!"

Fear the Leaf!
I noticed the Canadian brigade came in the form of friendly oyster lovers from Prince Edward Island. I'm on to you, Canadians! Fear the leaf!

Then I spotted my dream kitchen and as I went to get a better shot, my camera said the dreaded words "Replace battery pack," battery dead.

More photos were going to have to wait until I got to that night's event, Sweet, where I had the bright idea of trying everything. I went 27 out of 30.

This gave me the chance to try some of my favorites, including Four & Twenty Blackbirds, and try many delicious new ones like Donatella's Zuppa Inglese with Cranberries and Godiva Chocolate.

Any delicious treat was OTTO's Espresso Gelato in Brioche, an Italian ice cream sandwich. Creamy gelato accompanied by smooth caramel crema, simple really is best.

Sweet Potato Cheesecake
Or Colicchio and Sons' Sweet Potato Cheesecake complete with freshly fired marshmallow topping.

Clinton St. Baking Company
But the People's Choice winner of the night ended up being Clinton St. Baking Company's Warm Pear Upside-Down Cake with Pecan Ice Cream. It tasted like the cake you wished you could have at Thanksgiving, but you only end up making another pumpkin pie anyway. In other words, the perfect fall dessert.

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Ulla said...

I did not attend. Fun to see all the photos. I lived vicariously through them! Kansas sounds fun too;) !