Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Our Ultimate Lunch Involves Chicken & Biscuits

Epicurious Entertains NY 2010
Last year Epicurious.com decided to entertain NY with a bunch of food events and dinners. Each one that we got to attend was beyond fantastic, it easily became some of my favorite events of 2009. I had hoped that this would be an new annual series and lo and behold, they decided to do it again this year in a fabulous new location with new food. Lucky for me, we were invited to their Ultimate Lunch Break, our second favorite lunch of the year.

View from Above
This year the lunch involved Pies 'N' Thighs, Porchetta, Mimi's Hummus, Asia Dog, and One Girl Cookies among others.

Pies 'N' Things Chicken Biscuit
Of course I had to get a taste of the sweet poison that is Pies 'N' Thighs' chicken & biscuit sandwich in mini form. It's dangerous having something this good within walking distance of my home. Because of this and their key lime pie, I'm not allowed to know the exact location of the restaurant. I will be craving this regularly, it's that good: tender, moist chicken on a buttery biscuit, the tart and creaminess of the key lime, the chewy ginger cookies. All of it was incredible.

Fort Defiance Muffuletta
Red Hook's Fort Defiance showed up with muffalettas. Now, I've never been to New Orleans, though it's high on my 'vacations to take' list, so when eating any of their traditional offerings, I can only take a gander at how it ranks. The meats were spicy and fresh, and complemented, not overwhelmed, by the cheeses and olive salad. I completely enjoyed my slice, and plan on getting to Fort Defiance soon for some delicious goodness (did someone just see Dutch Apple Pancake!)

La Esquina Carnitas Taco
Another standout in my book was La Esquina's carnitas taco, all of which were assembled on-site. I've been taco-crazy since coming back from San Francisco, and I found these to be suitable for my cravings. Next time I'm hungry and in the area, I'm definitely hitting them up.

And of course I couldn't see the Porchetta pig and not eat some Porchetta. It's like pig crack, perfectly spiced, sometimes you get some crunchy skin, fresh and still floury bread. They're easily making one of the best sandwiches in the city.

Baked by Melissa
Did you really think we weren't going to go crazy for dessert? Brownie kept popping Baked by Melissa's cupcakes in my mouth so I could join her in the moments of delicious (they're seriously good)...

One Girl's Whoopie Pies
while I ransacked the One Girl Cookies counter for some sweet treats.

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