Thursday, November 4, 2010

Apple Stroopwafels at Brooklyn Flea!

Apple Stroopwafel
Recently I had family stay with me while they were in town for a wedding on the other side of their family (we're New Yorkers for branches and branches). Said wedding was at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple and me, not being one of the cool kids who's gone there for music, couldn't picture where this was. Upon dropping off the relatives, I noticed something very familiar across the street, the Brooklyn Flea, and I headed straight for it!

Harvest Menu
I didn't make it to the Flea much this summer, so I was prepared to try at least some of the food options. Also, I was starving! Not knowing the choices available to me, I did a quick lap and spotted the good batch and their handmade stroopwafels! The good ladies working the booth explained that stroopwafels are Dutch in origin and meant as a snack to accompany tea. You're supposed to place the cookie over a cup of tea to let the inner caramel get all warm and melty. Not in the mood to A) have a cup of tea or B) wait any longer for food, I opted to just buy their seasonal apple stroopwafel.

Apple Stroopwafel
And I'm hooked! The waffle cookie gives way to a gooey middle of sweet caramel which I could faintly pick up the taste of apple cider. Since I have yet to try the classic, a situation I will rectify soon, I don't know how it compares. I will say that this big caramel cookie is definitely worth seeking out. The Good Batch is making a variety of flavors including Cocoa Caramel, Double Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Nutella! You can get your Dutch on at any of these locations.


Leah said...

Drool! I really have to stop reading your blog when i'm feeling hungry :)

Unknown said...

Can't believe I missed that amazing looking thing! And we ended up being early to the wedding!!


Unknown said...

Stroopwafels are one of my favorite things but my husband bought a pack of these last week and I thought they were terrible. The cookies are supposed to be crisp and buttery and slightly sweet. These ones were bland discs that had no flavor and the texture of cardboard. The caramel inside had a weird dull taste, probably due to the apple cider. The whole thing was so disappointing we both threw ours out after 2 bites. Maybe they're better fresh than packaged in a fancy food store. But I hope you have the chance to have a real stroopwafel soon cause if you liked these, then you'll be blown away by the real deal.

manlylocal said...

Thanks for the handy tip! Unfortunately our <a href=">trip to the Brooklyn Flea</a> came up short on stroopwafels, but we found some other goodies to satisfy us. Your blog is a great archive for all things foodie in NY though - keep it up!