Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pieathon 2010: Eat Pies. Save Lives

I have a bit of a reputation for taking on overly ambitious baking projects (pie pops, anyone?) often at all hours of the night. But writer, Nina Callaway, makes me look like a total lightweight with her second annual Pieathon. Yes, that's right a pieathon, 24 hours of straight pie baking to benefit CancerCare...

Nina founded Pieathon last year to honor her parents, who both died from cancer. As the narrator of Pushing Daisies would say...the facts are these...

Nina will be baking 5 kinds of pies:

*Pumpkin Pie (with a ginger snap lined crust), $30
*Pecan Pie (with a flaky pastry crust), $35
*Chocolate Pecan Pie (with a flaky pastry crust) $37
*Sugar Cream Hoosier Pie (homemade graham cracker crust). $20
*And the recently added: Cranberry walnut Pie (apparently it "straddles the line between cake and pie, with the rich moistness of a cake, but the crispy outer edges and density of a pie." Sounds good to me!), $25

If you live in the city you can make one of her pies your very own by purchasing it here. As of yesterday morning, she's sold out of Pecan, Pumpkin, Chocolate Pecan, and Sugar Cream. And can still take a few more orders Cran Walnut. If you can't get your hand on one of the pies, consider sponsoring her by the hour.

According to Nina: 100% of the proceeds go to CancerCare, and can be fully tax-deductible if you pay through the CancerCare website (just give Nina the heads up so she can count it towards her total)

"Baking for 24 hours straight is as much a mental challenge as a physical one, and each dollar helps with the fortitude!"

If that alone doesn't sway you, for each $24 you pledge (or for each $1 per hour), Nina will send you one of her pie recipes. Pledge $125 or more and she'll send you her "extremely awesome chocolate chip cookies." Yum.

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Bipolar Betty said...

What a creative and great idea!...and it ends in pie!!