Monday, November 8, 2010

Travels with Blondie: A Big Little Town in Kansas

Sylas & Maddy's!
Almost immediately after NYCWFF was over, I was gearing up for a little out of town weekend in the far reaches of our Nation's Heartland. I was going to Kansas. No, not for a BBQ fiesta in Kansas City (though some crazy awesome BBQ was had there-more on that later), I was going to the heart of Jayhawk country: Lawrence, Kansas, where I did not once eat from a chain restaurant.

Cheeseburger & Poutine
The first surprise came fairly early on in my travels, a burger stand that serves poutine! Our mutually favorite way to eat fries and I wasn't any where near Canada! Not only was there the delicious that is poutine, you can also get duck fat fries! Granted, those cheese curds could be a little bigger, but that brown gravy was meaty goodness. The Classic was an awesome burger as well. The greens are just getting in the way of a good char with juicy meat and a bun that holds it all together. I would have eaten it all, but I had eyes for those gravy-covered masterpieces.

Waffle Cone at Sylas & Maddy's!
Plus, I had to save room for dessert. One thing I spotted upon entering the "downtown" was a sign saying "Homemade Ice Cream" to which my tummy responded "Yes, please, now." The sign is in the window of Sylas & Maddy's where they have over 150 flavors, offering 40 each day. Overwhelming to say the least. Knowing that I should go the 'unique' route, I chose a double cone of Kansas Twister (peanut butter ice cream, Oreos, peanuts, and fudge swirl) and Maddy's Mud (coffee ice cream with brownies & Oreos). Creamy, richly decadent, and generous with the fillings, it was one of the best ice cream cones I'd had in a while. It was on par or better than some of the favored New York places, truth. And it only helps that they make their waffle cones fresh too! This was the first of what I hope is many visits to come. Should I stop visiting Lawrence, rest assured I will be calling Sylas & Maddy's to discuss shipments.

Gold Dust Cookie Sandwich
As I was leaving from my first visit, I noticed that they also serve ice cream sandwiches, my preferred ice cream delivery. So the next day, after lunch at Oklahoma Joe's BBQ in Kansas City (wait for it), we had a pretty good idea of how I was going to eat my ice cream. Now, unlike most NYC places, you can choose your cookie-sugar, chocolate chip, or M&Ms-and choose your ice cream. The final decision ended up M&Ms cookie with Gold Dust ice cream (Snickers, & Oreos with a caramel swirl). Sweet, messy goodness, the ice cream was delicious, the cookie was delicious, the nap I needed afterward was delicious.

The Burger Stand at The Casbah
803 Massachusetts
Lawrence, KS
(785) 856-0543

Sylas & Maddy's
1014 Massachusetts
Lawrence, KS
(785) 832-8323


Anonymous said...

WHOA! What a surprise! I'm a student at KU in Lawrence, KS! What were you doing here? Burger Stand is my favorite restaurant in town!

Anonymous said...

If you go to the Oklahoma Joes in Olathe KS (off Strangline Rd.), there is a Sylas and Maddies right across the street by Target :)