Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Travels with Blondie: Foodbuzz Festival 2010

Ferry Building Dinner
The main reason behind my most recent trip to San Francisco, which is starting to feel like a second home, was to participate in our wonderful advertiser's food blogger convention: the Foodbuzz Festival 2010. Yes, Foodbuzz are the lovely people behind our banner. I had gone to their first festival last year and left a bit underwhelmed, but my hope for this year wasn't misguided! It completely came together this year!

Friday night was the Street Food Fare at the Fort Mason Center. After a few announcements and a foodie Yankee Swap, it was time to eat and Foodbuzz procured some of the best local food vendors to get us full.

Porchetta Sandwich
Of the ones there, Roli Roti topped my list yet again with their porchetta, fresh off their mobile spit. The crusty, but soft bread; the spices; the cracklin' skin; the roasted potatoes. I had forgotten how unbelievable delicious and perfect their sandwich is for something that comes off a truck.

4505 Pork Loin
My runner-up was a tie. First, there was 4505 Meats' pork loin sandwich and chicharrones. The pork loin was encrusted in corn meal rendering it incredibly crunchy, and their jalapeno brine infused just enough spice into the meat. The fresh sesame bun, take note of the black sesames, and chicharrones made this little dish a keeper.

Diamond Lil
And I also did love Diamond Lil's Viking Gumbo and Vegan Paella. The bustaurant's serving was spicy with a thick sauce, chock full of vegetables and shrimp, and I'm sure of bowl of it would be meal enough for me.

Straus Ice Cream
Of course, I followed all of this up with some ice cream from Straus Ice Cream and a few mini cupcakes from Mission Minis.

My Tacos
Saturday afternoon was the Tasting Pavilion. Oh, tasting tents, where to begin. Marc of No Recipes said it best later on in the day, "You eat a lot, but you don't really have a meal." I had some good eating, like my DIY fish tacos-they included a taco bar this time.

'Smores Table
And one of each of the 'Smores being presented by Ghiradelli. I love 'smores, I couldn't help myself. But I didn't feel like I'd had a meal, just grazed for hours and was a little ill because of it. As awesome as these events are, and they're pretty great especially for introducing us to new foods, your meals get a little thrown off and most of the time, I don't know when to stop the eating and get out of there.

Seared Scallops with Fennel
Luckily, I did need a good nap before dinner. It was my vacation after all, and all vacations have a nap quota. This year, the fancy Saturday dinner was in the Ferry Building. First course was a Golden Beet Tart, yay, delicious vegetables. But the next course was perfectly Seared Scallops! Like butt-ah! Melted in my mouth they did. And they were in a butter sauce to boot! With roasted fennel; I didn't know I like roasted fennel.

Rosemary and Garlic Rack of Lamb
Next was a rack of lamb with butternut squash puree and wild mushrooms. All was excellently cooked, well seasoned, and buttery sauteed goodness. I wanted to lick the plate, it was that awesome.

Tarta de Almendras
By the time dessert came, I was already blown away by the delicious dinner, which was exponentially better than last years, and the free-flowing wine (I have no idea how these pictures came out in focus). I believe I liked the almond cake and sherry sabayon, but the details are a little fuzzy.

Hopefully next year's festival will be just as good, or even better. I'd like to thank Foodbuzz for having me-as a Featured Publisher, all of this food was free for me.

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Lovely dining with you! Funny we had to travel to SF to meet!