Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Brooklyn Mac Brings the Cheesy Goodness!

Brooklyn Mac's Kings County
A little over a month ago, my corner of Greenpoint was blessed with a special event: the opening of Brooklyn Mac! I've always been jealous of the East Village having 'Smac, and now we had our own macaroni and cheese goodness.

Brooklyn Mac's Kings County
This is a medium serving of their Kings County, a blend of American and Cheddar. It has a sufficient mix of cheeses, and I LOVE their baked crust. Though I could easily eat this entire pan especially if my willpower wasn't so strong, I did make two servings out of the $7.75 portion. You can choose from their recommendations or make you own from a plethora of options. And those who want gluten-free or vegan can join in the action, both of those specifications are available. No too expensive, delicious, and easy to pick up during these super cold days!

Brooklyn Mac
77 Norman Ave
(718) 706-9MAC

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