Thursday, December 30, 2010

Brownie's Best Food Moments of 2010

Patacon Pisao

What a year, what a year! Inspired by Blondie's year end review, here are my top five food moments from 2010...

Kelvin Slush
As always, the Vendy Awards were fantastic. Perfect day. Perfect weather. Perfect company. Awesome food.

Chicken and Biscuit from Pies and Thighs

Being a Yankee girl I've missed out on years of Southern cookery and things like Chicken & Biscuits for breakfast. Thankfully Pies & Thighs in Williamsburg has changed that. For a brief period these tasty darlings were available for lunch at the Columbus Circle Holiday market. If only we could get a permanent P&T outlet in midtown I would be such a happy luncher.

Four and Twenty Blackbirds Pie Flight

I'm pretty sure that 2010 was the year of the pie. And there are few better places to have it that the newly opened Four & Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn. It was love at first bite back in June when I ventured out for one of Little B's early outings to try the special Tasting Table pie flight and discovered every last slice was more delicious than the next.

Little B's First Solid Meal

Ranking up there in my food memories for the year would have to be Little B's first meal of solid foods. At around 5 months the little man started showing the signs of readiness for first solid foods--including extreme jealousy when we ate anything. His first meal was mashed avocado and he practically dove into the bowl. At one point he literally grabbed the spoon and started feeding himself. Since then he's had carrots, spinach, squash, yogurt, hummus, pureed white beans with garlic and olive oil, multigrain cereal with cinnamon, roast turkey, roast chicken with Swiss chard, bananas, and most recently curried pumpkin soup. I can't wait to include Little B on our food adventures as he grows. First step, acquire teeth...

First Bagel with Lox

As much as I enjoyed seeing Little B making his own food memories, my top one from 2010 would have to be indulging in foods that are on the forbidden list for pregnant ladies after Little B made his debut. Blondie brought me Cashal Blue cheese, fruit and crackers--the first decent food I had since Little B's arrival. And of course, there are few things as contextually delicious as eating a bagel and lox from Russ & Daughters in the recovery room at St. Luke's I'd been craving lox my entire pregnancy. This bagel was 9 months in the the making and totally worth the wait.

Speaking of worth the wait, I can't wait to see what '11 brings. Until then, happy eating! Make those last bites of '10 count!

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Charis said...

Great post! Looks like you've had a good year of food! =) I hope 2011 is just as great!
Happy New Year
From Charis of Sugar & Spice