Thursday, December 16, 2010

Calexico's Ready!

I was walking around my neighborhood this weekend when I noticed that Calexico, the 2008 Vendy Winner, was putting the finishing touches on their first second brick and mortar store. Right in Greenpoint, mere steps from my doorstep! What will the old Poles think?!

Well, they better get their thoughts together because this baby opened yesterday, and by the time I passed by (at 9:30pm) the place was hopping. The legions inside looked happy and warm, eating their tacos and drinking some tequila-I can't wait to be one of them. Word is the restaurant will be open everyday except for Monday, 11:30am to 4am. Tacos all night long!

645 Manhattan Ave (at Bedford Ave/Nassau "G" stop)
(347) 763-2129


Mo Diva said...

a new reason to visit my mother! she will be thrilled

Anonymous said...

hey - there actually has been a brick and mortar calexico in red hook/carroll gardens for way over a year...

Siobhan said...

I totally forgot about their Carroll Gardens place. I stand corrected!