Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Shrimp Pasta

I love holiday traditions. It never ceases to amaze me the many wonderful and unique ways that different groups can commemorate and celebrate the same event. As a kid I had a book about how Christmas is celebrated around the world. I remember being particularly captivated by Christmas spent on the beach in Australia. This past weekend Lawman, Little B and I celebrated Christmas in Connecticut with my family. We do up Christmas Eve Southern Italian style with a Feast of the Seven Fishes...

Seven Fish Feast Give Or Take a Few

The Feast of the Seven Fishes is believe to trace back to when Advent was a period of abstinence for Roman Catholics. Leave it to Italians to figure out how to get their party sans meat and dairy. In a traditional Southern Italian American home you're likely to find BaccalĂ  (salt cod) and fried eel, but my family bucks tradition and we include lox among our seven. This year's round up included: lobster fra divalo, shrimp cockail, lox, smoked oysters, seafood salad (with calamari and crab), and stuffed clams. My best friend's Lithuanian family does a twelve fish dinner, though in recent years they've gone the sushi route to help hit their twelve (pretty brilliant if you ask me).

How does your family celebrate Christmas Eve?


CityMinx said...

i love fish, and i love to cook, so i've always been a bit envious of my Catholic friend's Christmas dinners. I'm Jewish, so for me Christmas means movies and chinese food, and i'm just fine with that ;)

Hungry said...

Last year I started a new tradition: Christmas eve belongs to my man and I. Just a special and elaborate dinner between him and I at home. Last year was lobster mac n cheese and kobe steak. This year, all of the Thanksgiving foods that I missed while traveling. Maybe next year will be the Feast of 7 Fishes.