Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cupcake Pebbles, Surely a Sign of the Apocalypse

Somehow I missed when the ladies at Cupcakes Take the Cake covered Post Cereal's Cupcake Pebbles back in February, so I was surprised to find these on my grocery shelf...

Let me rephrase that, the grown up part of me was surprised. The kid inside was delighted. In the end the grown up Brownie reminded Little Brownie that she hates (and always has hated) both Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles, but I'm still somewhat intrigued. According to the folks at "The excitement of eating cupcakes for breakfast wanes quickly as you realize spoon after spoon of cupcake flavor is both overwhelming and unexpectedly boring at the same time."

What sugar cereals of your childhood do you remember fondly? My loathing of Pebbles aside, I ate plenty of junkie cereals as a kid. Let see there was the Swedish Chef Crunchy Stars Cereal, Rice Krispy Treat Cereal (yes, a cereal made of Rice Krispy Treat pieces), Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs, French Toast Crunch (IMHO vastly superior to Cinnamon Toast Crunch on account of the syrup flavor + toast shape), and what I consider the king of all breakfasts, Spiderman Cereal--a sweetened Chex-like cereal (those were Spidey's webs natch) with marshmallow pieces. Heaven in a bowl. Unfortunately it's off the market, but if they bring it back for the next Spiderman movie (and I mean bring back the real thing, none of this fruity flavored web cereal shit), I'm so going to stock up.

As for Cupcake Pebbles, I think I'll stick to eating real cupcakes for breakfast. Why go for just the flavor when you can have the real thing instead?

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