Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Doughnut Plant Has Some Holiday Options!

Doughnut Plant
A few weeks ago, I was talking about a craving for Shopsin's when a friend mentioned she had always wanted to go, but had never been. An after-Thanksgiving lunch date was planned, and it all went down on Sunday. Three of us sat at the counter eating a "Moe" and two Petes, shooting the breeze with Kenny and Zach as they closed up for the day, it was a quite perfect Sunday lunch. Afterward, I found myself walking down Essex, hoping that the frigid cold had kept the Doughnut Plant crowds away. I was wrong.

Gingerbread Bread Doughnut
Though there was a wind chill in the mid 20s, there was still a half hour OUTSIDE wait to get into Doughnut Plant. The only reason why I even toyed with the idea of staying on this line-I did make a valiant 7 minute effort-was for the Gingerbread doughnut. Brownie talks about it every year, and I secretly wondered why she's become so infatuated with it. The sign outside promised that inside delicious holiday treats were awaiting me-Chestnut was also available. Unfortunately, a freezing sensation in my digits put the kibosh on such ideas. Maybe one of our Midtown Doughnut Plant outposts will come through!

Doughnut Plant
379 Grand Street
(212) 505-3700


alex said...

randomly came acorss your blog and love it!!!

I went to the Doughnut Plant back in the summer of 2006 and got a Tres Leches doughnut ever.

Unknown said...

We seriously need a place like this is southern California. I'm drooling!