Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Best Moments of 2010

Saddest Sign Ever
Another year is almost in the books, and as always it's been a whirlwind. We were blessed with Little B, and began contributing to Midtown Lunch among many other big events! I've heard time goes faster as you get older, I'm starting to believe it. It's always nice reminiscing over the days of your life: here are my top five favorites from 2010.

Burnt End Sandwich
5) I had the opportunity to go a few trips this year, twice to San Francisco and once to Kansas. Though my San Francisco trips were excellent, it's definitely a place every food person should visit at least once, it was the burnt end sandwich from Oklahoma Joe's that made me the happiest person. Not a week has gone by that I don't think about it, Kansas City should be proud!

What to do?
4) My favorite event was Food Parc at the New York City Wine & Food Festival. All the best trucks, food-celebs, great weather, a wonderful space, with more than enough seating-it was truly everything a food truck-ie could want!

Lemon Ice King Menu
3) We had some awful heat this summer, that I've been thoroughly missing in this frigid cold, and it was relief from that heat I was seeking when I stopped at Lemon Ice King of Corona. I've had Italian ices all over this great city, and none had topped Ice King in my opinion-it tastes sublime, and makes me filled with sentiment.

Tim HoHo's Canada Doughnut
2) I didn't hide my love of the doughnut this year. But my favorite doughnut had to have been the Canada doughnuts from Tim Horton's. A limited-edition in Canada only, my boss smuggled some across the border for me. They weren't the most delicious ever, just the funniest. I never did find out who stole one right off my desk!

Fried Apple Pie
1) Of the latest outdoor markets, Hester Street Fair is one of my favorites. You can shop and eat, or grab some food and eat in the park, or sit at one of the benches during a break, because their vendors rotate enough to keep you on your shopping and foodie toes. Melt Bakery's Fried Apple Pie was in my final mouth-watering moments there, and there were quite a few moments there. I can't wait for spring when I can enjoy the Fair again!

Happy New Year everyone! I'm going to go eat some doughnuts now.

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