Thursday, December 23, 2010

Potato Chips in a Cookie?!

Compost Cookies a la Blondie
Over the past few months, I've made more than a few trips to Momofuku's Midtown Milk Bar. During these trips, I was usually forced to pass the wall of cookies in search of other delicious sweet treats. With this unfortunate situation in the back of my mind, I started my holiday cookie planning. Yes, between the savory and the sweet, my kitchen has been a high-traffic area. As I scoured the internet for cookie ideas, I came across Momofuku's Compost Cookie. Bells, whistles, we had a winner.

Making Compost Cookies
The first recipe I used was the real one from Christina Tosi's visit to Regis & Kelly, and it made some saucer size cookies. A lot of dough, a lot of time, for cookies that, though very delicious, could not be transported easily. It needed adjustments. Lucky for me this is a popular recipe, and others had already done some hard cookie work to make this recipe for smaller cookie. Behold Cookie Madness's version which gives you the same delicious taste, but for a smaller cookie.

Making Compost Cookies
For all of my batches this month, and there have been to date five, I've used pretzel sticks, Munchos potato chips, butterscotch, and chocolate chips (Guittard at first, Callebaut later on.) They were passed out at Serious Eats' Cookie Swap, and won my office cookie exchange. They're pretty fantastic, these recipes are bona fide successes. Best part of them is, you split the work over two days. You make the dough one day-which only takes about a half hour, shape the dough into balls, pop in the fridge, to take them out to pop in the oven for 10 minutes another day. Complex taste, easy cookie. Also helps that you can modify the sweet and savories to your liking. Friends, expect various versions of these in the years to come.


nycstylelittlecannoli said...

looks and sounds so tasty! very creative indeed. Have a great holiday!!

Cookie Madness said...

Congratulations on winning your office cookie exchange contest. How fun!