Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fried Pickles from Corner Burger, Park Slope

Corner Burger Pickles

I first discovered the joy of fried pickles while traveling for business in Kansas City. Oh joy, oh rapture! I haven't seen them on too many menus in the city (though I've heard that Hooters and Brother Jimmy's serve up some good "frickles"), so I was pleased to see them a little closer to home in Park Slope...

In the years since the ChipShop downsized into a smaller space, I haven't tried any of the restaurants that have popped up on that corner of 5th avenue and 6th street. I've been intrigued by Corner Burger, especially since I first saw the fried pickles ($3.50) on the menu. They other day I was in the neighborhood running some errands, so the timing seemed perfect.

My mom was with me and at first she was skeptical of the whole notion of fried pickles, but when they arrived hot and fresh out (and believe me they were hot!) she became a believer. Unless you have a huge appetite, an order of these is way too much for one or two people, so this is better shared with a crowd.

I also had the turkey burger with American cheese, sauteed onions and a side of avocado (for Little B). The burger was filling and moist. Next time I'm trying the Montreal Poutine--they have 12 different kinds!

Corner Burger Turkey Burger

Corner Burger

381 5th Avenue
Park Slope
(718) 360-4622


Unknown said...

Great post...fried pickles are awesome (as are fried olives!) Good to know they are on Corner Burger menu! Yummo...that photo is making crave that burger now!

Cupcake Activist said...

They sell fried pickles at this restaurant nearby my house, but I haven't tried them yet. I avoid fried food because I love it so much. Next time.

Sherm said...

Fried pickles sound *so* good but the often-high price tag has precluded my ordering them, especially at a solo meal. I think your endorsement may have finally pushed me past the point of no return, though. Shit, if I have to, I'll eat fried pickles as a meal to justify the price tag.

Mr. Micro said...

That cheese looks pretty epic!

Mmmmm, frickles. Unfortunately the only place I've had them is Hooters, and here in Anytown, Maryland that's about the only place that offers them. I sad...

Ali - YumVeggieBurger said...

Sweet Afton (in Astoria, Queens) has amazing fried pickles!