Thursday, January 13, 2011

Harvest Pancakes from Tom's Diner

Tom's Diner
Over the years I've heard rave after rave reviews of the pancakes from Tom's Restaurant in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. But I've also heard legend of their long waits. One of our good friends lived just around the corner and right before he moved we decided to have a farewell brunch at Tom's. Hello, pancakes...

Tom's Fries

First I'd like to mention that while you're waiting in the long lines, the folks from the restaurant bring you treats, like their spicy fries with a smokey chipotle aioli. These were so crispy, so perfectly fried that our first order of business when were were finally seated was putting in an order of these for the table.

Harvest Pancakes

On to the friend recommended the Harvest Pancakes which have Cranberries and Sweet Corn folded into the batter. Tne pancakes were pleasant, not super dense, but not super fluffy either. What really made the pancakes were the assorted flavored butters. The cinnamon butter paired especially well with the Harvest Pancakes. If I'm dying for awesome pancakes I'll still stick to Shopsins, but it's a fun and friendly neighborhood joint and the fries alone are worth a return visit.

Tom's Restaurant
782 Washington Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11238

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TheDegustationAsian said...

Glad you featured this dish. The staff is really great, especially how they offer free food to those waiting in line. I had similar feelings about the pancakes and remember being a little put off by the inclusion of corn, but thought they were alright overall.