Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Maitelates Alfajores

Nov Foodzie Box

Back in November, Blondie met the folks from Foodzie at the 2nd Annual FoodBuzz Festival and they hooked us up with giveaway tasting boxes for our readers and then sent us each a box to try ourselves. For those of you not familiar with the company, Foodzie, is an online artisanal marketplace where you can buy unique food products from small producers across the country. I was pretty psyched when my Foodzie tasting box arrived, but with the holiday craziness, I'm a bit ashamed to say that it got left neglected for far too long. Fortunately when I finally came to my senses, all the tasty treats were still in fine shape...

We get a lot of offers for samples, but we never make any promises to review things. B&B is, and always has been, a labor of love for us. If we're going to spend the time putting together a post, it has to be something that we're truly passionate about. So if we get things for review we're not going to post about it unless we really love it. And if we got it for free, we'll always tell you--and weigh whether we would pay for it, if we had to--in our review. All that said, I LOVED the cookies that came in my November Foodzie box.

Maitelates Alfajores Cookies

The Maitelates Alfajores (my-tay-lah-tes al-fa-hor-es) cookies were spectacular. Maitelates are Ann Arbor, Michiganmade dulce de leche filled shortbread cookies enrobed in rich Belgian chocolate. The cookies themselves were buttery and tender and fared surprisingly well considering I had received my package some weeks earlier. I quickly demolished mine and instantly regretted offering the other to Lawman. These cookies are just too good to share. You can order your own assortment of Maitelates here. A box of these would make a great Valentine's gift (hint, hint, Lawman)

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