Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dim Sum Treats from East Harbor Seafood Palace

Bak Fan Yu from East Harbor

If you're looking for an awesome site with some serious dim sum coverage, look no further than The Girl Who Ate Everything. Robyn Lee and co have covered some (if not all) of the best dim sum spots in the city. And it's on Robyn's site that I got the inside track on dim sum at Brooklyn's East Harbor Seafood Palace...

Last year James Boo of The Eaten Path arranged a blogger meet up at East Harbor, but I wasn't able to make it. I've since visited several times and it's quickly become among my favorite places for dim sum.

Thanks to Robyn I was able to order one of their specialties like a pro: Bak Fan Yu, aka deep fried whitebait, seen above. Perfectly crispy, these are like little crunchy fishy chips. Super addictive. And not necessarily in the regular rotation of stuff that makes the round to all the tables--not sure if that's because they are so popular or what, but if you are able to snag the waiter's ear, be sure early on to ask that they bring by the bak fan yu tray, you won't be sorry.

Black Sesame filled Mochi from East Harbor

For dessert, you can't miss the Candied Peanut Dusted Black Sesame filled Mochi. Where to begin? Pleasantly chewy and sweet mochi covered with crunchy bits of peanuts and filled with rich black sesame paste. If you like any or all of those components, I seriously would recommend paying East Harbor a visit for this alone. Any one know where I can get these (or a similar dessert) in Chinatown?

Inside Black Sesame filled Mochi from East Harbor

East Harbor Seafood Palace
6301 8th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11220


Bandit said...

A-Wah at 5 Catherine street has the black sesame-filled rice ball with peanuts dessert. They were pretty darn tasty.

Brownie said...

@Bandit: really? that's awesome! Thanks for the tip. I'll definitely check it out!