Thursday, February 17, 2011

Extra Time to Get Your Zeppole Fix

Zeppole Trio from Milanis

For those of you keeping track Lent is way late this year starting on March 9th. But last week we got a tip that my new favorite zeppole outpost, Milani's Bakery in Northford, CT, isn't making you wait for those traditional St. Joseph's Day pastries...

According to Tullio from Milani's "We are making them all day everyday until wayyy after St. Joseph's, so people have plenty of time to enjoy one or two dozen." The chocolate zeppole with their deep dark chocolate pastry cream filling reign supreme. Milani's is just a quick 20 minute drive from New Haven proper, so might I suggest getting a Zip Car, loading it with some friends, hitting up New Haven for some pizza and then Milani's for dessert.

Milani's Italian Bakery & Cafe
855 Forest Road
Northford, CT 06473
(203) 484-5017

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