Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Want to Eat Some Meatballs For Charity?!

Brooklyn Kitchen
Oh the lovable meatball, so comforting and hearty when served with spaghetti and covered in red sauce. So delightful when tucked in a hero in groups of three or four, again smothered in sauce. So terrible when prepared entirely wrong, or with meat substitutes (the horrors!) If you love the meatball as much as I do-I probably craving my mother's recipe for them right now-you'd want to get over to Brooklyn Kitchen tomorrow for the Meatball Slapdown!!!

Tomorrow night at Brooklyn Kitchen, some pretty phenomenal contestants are going to be judged on their meatball skills by a few people even I would get nervous around. The contestants include submissions from Fatty 'Cue, Lupa, Vesta, and many more; the judges include Ted Allen, Amanda Hesser, and the Franks of Frankie's Sputino among others. The meatballs will be served with bread from Roberta's and beer from Brooklyn Brewery. Tickets are pricey at $100, but it's going to two great charities that benefit the children: Brooklyn Kitchen and the Meat Hook's new Classrooms in the Kitchen and Brooklyn Grange's City Grower program.

For more information and to buy tickets, click here.

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