Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Calling All Food Lovers! Brownie Needs Your Votes!

Pie Soldiers

Earlier this week I shared my Serious Eats/Instructables Pi Day Contest Entries: "Pies Are Round? No, Pi(es) Are Squared!" Voting concludes today and I need your help......

Asking for votes feels pretty lame, but I need your voting love. Please help rock the vote! First prize is an iPad2 engraved with 314 digits of pi which would be such nerdy sweetness (and it's something I'd never buy for myself--I'd feel too extravagent when I have the little dude's college to save for...)

Pies Are Round No, Pies Are Squared

You can vote here. You do have to be an Instructables Member to vote, but joining is free and it's a very cool site where you can learn things like: how to make a sculpted zombie cake, or a playable Angry Birds Cake. Or if you prefer you can login via Facebook. Ok, last plea for votes. Thanks for reading. I'll keep you posted on how the contest turns out!



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