Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Everything is Better on Cheddar Waffles

Eggs Huntington

The waffle iron ranks up there with our least used wedding gifts. I love waffles. Lawman loves waffles, but when it comes to taking out that iron, it just doesn’t happen and I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s because you need some sort of non stick spray that we never buy or maybe because the cleaning effort to meal satisfaction ratio isn’t favorable enough, but we generally leave our waffle making to the professionals. And the professionals at Buttermilk Channel see fit to add cheddar to their waffles. Cheese plus waffles with no clean up? Yes, please!

Cheddar waffles are available as a brunch side ($4) or with a fried pork chop ($15). Seeing as I’ve given up fried food for Lent, the pork chop was not an option for me. But I wanted those waffles. I wanted them bad. Cue brilliant idea light bulb--the Eggs Huntington ($11) comes with two poached eggs, Benton's country ham, over biscuits with Hollandaise sauce not to mention your choice of Mimosa, Bellini, sparkling wine or fresh squeezed juice. A side of biscuits is also $4. What if you were to substitute cheddar waffles biscuits?

Happily the waitress obliged (at no extra charge!) and thought Lawman was loathe to give up biscuits (the joys of going halfsies with your spouse), when brunch arrived he was first to admit that the cheddar waffles are totally the way to go here. When I read that this dish included "country" ham, I was thinking ham of the oven baked variety and was pleasantly surprised to discover this ham is more similar to a proscuitto-like cured meat. My only regret with this brunch? That I didn’t order an extra side of waffles…they’re that good.

Cheddar Waffles

Buttermilk Channel

524 Court St
(between Nelson St & Huntington St)
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(718) 852-8490


roopa said...

Aren't those waffles awesome? I've never gotten them for brunch with the eggs, but I almost always get them for dinner. And, funnily enough, I actually made cheddar cornmeal waffles with poached eggs and spinach a little while ago so I could get the best of both worlds for brunch - but now I know I can just go to BC and ask for the waffles instead of biscuits so as to be lazy on the weekends and not have to actually cook brunch.

PS. I just spent the past 10 minutes getting very confused by this. Apparently these two chicks go by Blondie and Brownie and although they're in the video and there's a mention of their site, there's a link to your blog. I think you should tell them to cease and desist!

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