Monday, March 28, 2011

Flushing's Newest Food Court

New World Mall
Flushing is literally teeming with food-they have malls with food courts, underground food courts, food stalls, cafes, it's a food wonderland. But one of the worst places to catch a quick bite is right where I have to catch the Q12 bus. The choices on that stretch of Roosevelt Avenue are very limited, mainly because it's where Caldor used to be, the same Caldor my mother accidentally once set on fire (true story.) Recently I've noticed some new mall signage, and most importantly, they want a food court.

Th New World Mall has been in construction for over a year now with a blown scheduled opening of last fall, and in the past few weeks it's been looking closer to finished. They're still looking for tenants, but hope to have a decent food court. I'm crossing my fingers that it will be a good enough to numb the sting of the Flushing Mall 2012 closing.

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Unknown said...

we should set up shop there