Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Four & Twenty Blackbirds: Lemon Chess Pie

Lemon Chess Pie from Four & Twenty Blackbirds
As a New Englander through and through, I didn't grow up with the classic Southern dessert Chess Pie. But far be it from me to eschew unfamiliar traditions. If it's food and delicious, please make up a plate fore me. Plus, there's something rather charming about just saying Chess pie (especially with a Southern accent). I've seen Chess Pie make appearances on the menu at Four & Twenty Blackbirds upon occasion, but I'd always been tempted just a little bit more by another flavor. Last week however, I was in the neighborhood and looking for a treat for my mom and I knew just what to get...

If you think I'm the queen of liking "sweet but not too sweet" desserts, let me introduce you to my mother (it had to come from somewhere, right)? She loves intensely dark chocolate and turns up her nose at most desserts. She's only ever liked one cheesecake in her life (thankfully it was one I made). But she does love pie. And she loves lemon anything. Not having ever had this particular pie myself, I was a little bit nervous, since my mom's a tough audience, but the ladies at Four & Twenty Blackbirds have never steered me wrong thus far, so I decided to just go for it.

My mom's response: "Mmmmm. It's like a delicious, buttery lemon meringue pie without the meringue." And in case you think actions speak louder than words, there wasn't a single bite for me. I'll definitely be getting another slice.

Four & Twenty Blackbirds
439 Third Ave. at 8th St,
Brooklyn, NY 11215

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Manhattan by way of Mayberry said...

oh wow! I just tried this as my "birthday cake" - not only was the filling out of this world good, but the crust was insanely good (and I don't even like pie crust usually). thanks for recommending!