Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Sick Days=More Doughnuts

Peter Pan's Chocolate Mousse
Last week I caught a virus that knocked me on my ass. I missed three days of work! I've never missed three days of work! But I stayed true to my tradition of sick day doughnut eating. I'd had my eye out for the latest flavor at Peter Pan: chocolate frosted with chocolate mousse filling! During sick day #1, Peter Pan came through for me.

Peter Pan's Chocolate Mousse
The new doughnut came out around the beginning of February, but a girl can't eat doughnuts all the time-I was waiting for it to be a treat. This beauty will cost you $1.75, more than the average doughnut. But it's pretty awesome, fluffy dough with sweet, creamy mousse means the perfect chocolate-filled doughnut.

Peter Pan Bakery
727 Manhattan Avenue
(718) 389-3676


Unknown said...

Here's a great story on some cool places to eat in NYC I came across: New York City Eats Dining

Daina said...

I absolutely love Peter Pan, and blog about it often! I will need to make another trip to try the new flavor. Yum!


SomeLikePoetry said...

Wow, I grew up in GP and I'm glad to hear that Peter Pan's still exists. =D That place turned me into the typical fat kid lol