Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My New Favorite Food: Malaysian

Roti Canai
Needing a bite to eat in Flushing before heading out to Mom's can get overwhelming. Which region to I want? Where should I go? Thankfully, I have the internet on my phone or I'd be lost. But last weekend, I wasn't sure where or what and needed something fast and cheap. I decided to take my chances on Prince St, and the second menu I read was the winner. Sentosa Malaysian. Indian influenced Asian, perfect for a girl who can't make up her mind.

Sentosa Malaysian
With all the love for Indian and Asian in this city, it's a shame that there aren't more Malaysian places. The Malay peninsula is smack in the middle of the two, getting influences from all directions. Apparently Sentosa is one of the best Malaysian places in the city; it's nice knowing Flushing's good for more than Chinese and Korean. Not sure where to begin on the menu-everything sounded so good and my eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach-I immediately decided on a serving of the Roti Canai: Indian pancake with curry chicken and potato dipping sauce. I could have drank that sauce, it was seriously that delicious. There were just enough curry spices to give it a little kick while being incredibly flavorful. The fluffy roti was absolutely perfect for dipping.

Capitan Noodles
I sort of in the mood for noodles leading me to choose their Capitan Noodles for an entree. Fried flat noodles in a sweet soy brown sauce with pork, chicken, shrimp, squid, and kai-lan was absolute heaven to this starving girl. The best part about this dish was that it managed to hit a weird craving I had developed for squid and still satiate the Asian craving I ALWAYS get in Flushing. The noodles are slippery and hard to manage, but the meats plus the crunchy fried topping add a nice texture throughout. The two dishes together were the best and cheapest weekend lunch I'd had in a while.

As I was leaving, force of habit made me grab a take-out menu and I've been salivating over it ever since. I'm officially on a Malaysian kick.

39-07 Prince St
(718) 886-6331


JacquieLH said...

I love Sentosa! My favorite dish there is the skate steamed with belacan in the banana leaf with pickled onions on the side. So so good.

Joe & Danielle said...

Another great Malay joint is Taste Good in Elmhurst which is a slightly easier trip on the M/R train. In Elmhurst you can also find some pretty stellar Indonesian cuisine, if you're feeling adventurous.