Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nom, Nom, Oatmeal Doughnut

Oatmeal Doughnut
To me, Doughnut Plant takes the doughnut to the haute level. It's not right to really compare it to any others, unless those doughnuts are also $3 a pop. I like doughnuts therefore I like Doughnut Plant, but they're more of extravagant splurges. You would NEVER find my mother waiting 30 minutes in the freezing cold for a $3 doughnut even if it's the size of her face and has boysenberry filling. The cold even wins out against me after 7 minutes. And if you thought the new Chelsea location of Doughnut Plant would cut down on crowds, you're funny and slightly delusional.

Oatmeal Doughnut
In between errands this past weekend, I decided I deserved a doughnut. The new location on 23rd Street has a variety of new flavors including oatmeal. This is their take on healthy with half of the dough made from, well, oatmeal. The glazed exterior gave way to a nice cake interior. The crunchy granola feeling extends to the fillings: bits of sunflower seeds, dried fruits and nuts are all dotting the doughnut goodness. It almost makes you feel like your doing the right thing, almost.

Doughnut Plant @ the Chelsea Hotel
220 W. 23rd Street
(212) 675-9100

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Unknown said...

I understand the donut plant issues, but on a recent trip to NYC my
son politely asked if I was bringing home some PB & J donuts and didn't seem to be discouraged by the wait time or the cost!