Friday, March 4, 2011

Pictures from a Nutty Exhibition

Nutropolitan Exhibit
Blondie and I are just loving all the cool happenings at the Open Space gallery. First there was Park Here. Now this weekend in honor of National Peanut Month you can experience the Nutropolitan Museum of Art, "world's first PB & J Art Exhibit." Last night we got a sneak peak at the opening...

Peanut Butter Art
Here's what you need to know. The event is free and open to the public. There's photographs of some pretty outrageous peanut butter sandwiches on display conceived my Mr. Peanut Butter himself, Lee Zalben of Peanut Butter & Company and you can create your own PBJ art. Possibly best of all, visitors will receive a free jar of Peanut Butter & Company Peanut Butter AND PB & Co will donate a jar in your honor to the Food Bank of New York.* So full of win.

Gallery Hours are:
Friday 3/4: 10am until 6pm
Saturday 3/5: 10am until 6pm
Sunday 3/6: 10am until 4pm
*One jar per family and while supplies last.


Sara said...

I think this is such a cool idea and I wish I was in NY and could see it.

Vivienne said...

Now this is the life! What a great adventure you have.

eiaine said...

Ahh! Why couldn't I have caught up with my blog updates earlier?! I saw this post too late.. =(

I agree with Vivienne - what a great adventure you have!

Brownie said...

@sara: sorry you missed it! I think PB&Co is going to be tweeting or blogging different sandwich pics.

@vivienne and eiaine: can't complain!