Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Berry Fro-Yo is Like 40 Carrots From a Truck

Vanilla Fro-yo with Chocolate Chips
Yesterday was bliss, wasn't it? It was a nice break at least, a sign of what's in store (and a reminder to get new sandals because your ones from last year are busted.) Yes, it will be 90 out before we know it, and I will be searching for the Berry Fro-yo truck. I'm not the fro-yo fanatic of this duo-I prefer full-fat and fried ice cream-so forgive me for totally missing out on Berry's very existence last year. I'm older now and my waistline requires more work, so I'll gladly fro-yo it up.

Berry Fro-Yo
I spotted the truck at its usual spot on 4th Avenue and 14th Street and decided to try my luck. The regular cup is $3 with two toppings for an additional $1. Make sure to ask for your two toppings! I didn't and it cost me the same amount. Since my love of ice cream overrides my liking of fro-yo, I only get fro-yo when it's good. 40 Carrots is the best in my book mainly because (I think) they use full-fat yogurt or cream. I find Red Mango acceptable while Pinkberry is too icy and tart, and all the rest fall somewhere between the two. And now Berry Fro-yo is now in the number two spot. The owner, Avshar Kirksall, makes his own frozen yogurt available in original tart and vanilla with the regular toppings you find everywhere (berries, nuts, cereal, etc.) I picked the vanilla with chocolate chips. The chocolate chips were average, but the yogurt was exceptional. Creamy and smooth with slight vanilla flavor, it wasn't too icy or pucker-face tart. The creaminess was just a tad below 40 Carrots, enough to make me think this is from actual yogurt. And the amount you receive is just about the same as any of the other places, but at least with this one you have access to the owner. This will totally be on my radar during the warmer months when I'm stopping by Union Square.

Berry Fro-yo
Usually at 4th Avenue & 14th Street

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I keep staring at this froyo. Mmmmm.