Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Cheek Corea from Paulie Gee's

The Cheek Correa
If you eat but one salad all year long, let it be the Cheek Corea from Greenpoint's pizza hot spot, Paulie Gee's...

Here's what you get: chick peas, ditalini pasta, escarole, sliced Red Onion, olive oil, lemon juice and "oven crisped Berkshire guanciale." This salad is bright, fresh and brilliant. Between Blondie, Lawman and me we split two pies, a salad and a dessert. As with any trip to Paulie Gee's I could just keep eating, but between the three of us that was plenty of food and it was nice to have some greenery before the pies started coming out of the oven. If I can find a good guanciale source you'd better believe this is finding a way to my Easter table this year.

CAN'T WAIT until Paulie Gee starts brunch service on April 17th. Sounds like a good post Tax Day reward to me!

Paulie Gee's
60 Greenpoint Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222


Paulie said...

Here's your guanciale source:

Thanks for all the kind words.

Brownie said...

@Paulie: Oh, thank you, thank you! I already bought the ditalini and chick peas. :)

Looking forward to dropping by for brunch soon!