Thursday, April 7, 2011

Choice Eats, Street, and Sweets

Strong Place Booth
Last week was one of our favorite events all year long, Village Voice's Choice Eats. This year they upped the ante with Choice Street (food trucks outside) and Choice Sweets (special dessert section), along with an additional VIP dessert section. And we got to check it all out together since one special lady let me get an early VIP ticket birthday present for Brownie!

Taim Mobile
The night started outside this time where Kimchi Taco, Korilla BBQ, Joyride, Taïm Mobile, and Wafels & Dinges were set up for Choice Street. Since they were right in front of the regular line, the early birds could get stuff to munch on while waiting to head inside.

Red Hook Lobster's Lobster Roll
Downstairs in the VIP lounge, Brownie told us to run over to Red Hook Lobster Pound's table-they were running out of lobster rolls! Buttery, lobster goodness!

But one of the most mobbed tables was SCRATCHbread's, homemade cheese with fresh bread and some truly awesome buttercream brownies will cause scenes like that. I need to get my hands on another one of these brownies: moist chocolate brownie sandwiching buttercream. Where it was at.

The Crowd
Once we were allowed upstairs, the free for all happened. I was just excited to be there again and knew that Brownie has the game plan ready. We just followed and waited until she allowed for imbibing.

Sunburnt Calf's Pulled Lamb
One of the first things she went after was the Sunburnt Calf's pulled lamb slider. The girl loves her lamb.

Court St. Grocers' The Delight
Another highlight was trying The Delight from Court Street Grocers. They're doing corned beef justice on Orwasher's pumpernickle.

Takashi's Beef Belly
The most elegant presentation of the night did have to go to Takashi. They were assembling little sculptures of beef belly. It tasted as good as it looked too.

VIP Dessert Room
Then we took a drink break. And then we headed downstairs to the (very hot) VIP dessert room.

I only managed a little bit of Liddabit, Robicelli's half cupcake, and the cookie sandwich from Baked. And I again promised to make it to the actual store soon. This time, I promise to hold my promise.

The Blue Stove Pies
Brownie, the pie lady, headed for The Blue Stove pies. I've heard they're some kind of awesome, but have yet to seek out the Williamsburg store. Bad things can happen if I know that delicious pie is within walking distance.

Kelvin Slush
And on the way out, a little Kelvin for the road.

Every year gets better! We'd like to thank the Village Voice, the wonderful ladies behind Big Picture Media for hooking us up with press passes, and one of our newest readers, Felicia, for letting me buy her VIP ticket for Brownie!

Also, all photos here are © Tanner Grubbs. Check out some of his photography here.

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Hungry said...

I'm so so sad that I missed it this year. I had tickets too! Sigh...