Thursday, April 14, 2011

Robicelli's Now at Qathra

Robicelli's Now at Qathra
File this under: the universe provides. When one door to cupcakes closes another may open across the street. I was sad to read that Market (the cute little market owned by the Mimi's Hummus folks) was no longer going to be carrying Robicelli's. Mere days later I discovered that that they are now being carried by Qathra, the awesome Ditmas Park coffee shop (basically kitty corner from Market) that opened last fall...

Qathra with their delicious coffee, spacious back patio and free wifi is a much welcomed new spot in the nabe. Add Robicelli's cupcakes and you might find me holed up there for a good long while.

This week Robicelli's has a fantastic sounding "STRAWBERRY RHUBARB CRISP" Oat cake, vanilla buttercream, homemade strawberry rhubarb compote, oat crisp. And it's available this week only, then back in the vault til next spring! I've got to get over there for one of those!

1112 Cortelyou Road
Brooklyn, NY 11218


A Bowl Of Mush said...

Well done Qathra! I'm so glad Robicelli's is back in the neighborhood!

I was very sad when they stopped selling them at Market! Silly Market!

Brownie said...

Yes! I'm glad they were able to find a new home quickly!