Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shake Shack Isn't the Only Thing Going at Citi Field

Blue Smoke's Fried Chicken Sandwich
Oh the Mets, I'll be happy if they break .500 in September, but the silver lining in this dark cloud of a season is cheap seats to Shea! We're talking $20 and under people! I went to the day game last Sunday since I needed a magnetic schedule, and hungry for some lunch I headed to the 'food court' behind center field. Of course, Shake Shack's two lines were a half hour long and knowing that Blue Smoke's options are just as good, I headed over there. I've tried their pulled pork, but not their fried chicken!

No Line!
I'm not sure if the fried chicken sandwich was around last season, but it definitely wasn't on the original menu. The chicken is coated with a lightly seasoned breading before being fried up. There's a definite buttermilk taste, but it was hard to tell if that was coming from the buttermilk ranch sauce or the chicken itself. Whatever it was, it provided a nice taste to this sandwich. The white breast patty was nice and juicy, exactly what you'd expect from Blue Smoke. For $8.75, this may be the best fried chicken sandwich available at any major league stadium.

P.S. the Mets have a day game tomorrow and it's supposed to be beautiful out again.

**ADDENDUM** When I was ordering the chicken sandwich, I noticed that the special taps with Brooklyn Brewery beers were no longer available! For the back story behind that, click here.


the [sugar] apothecary said...

Ughhh, if I had a nickel for every time my boyfriend has grumbled (or yelled) about the Mets in the last year... I'd have a lot of nickels. The food at Citi Field is pretty awesome - which is my #1 reason for going. The fries from Box Frites are sooo good, and for $20 a seat? Definitely a worthwhile way to spend the afternoon.

Chef Jen DePalma said...

I was so excited for my first visit to Citi Field, thought I was gonna catch a break on the Shake Shack line- Boy was I wrong!

Brownie said...

That is one pretty looking fried chicken sandwich!