Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Like My Momma Used to Make

Meatball Sandwich
Monday was such a gray, blah day. If you didn't have anywhere to go, you didn't want to go anywhere. I did need to run into the city to pick up a few of my Trader Joe's faves (hello, unsweetened mango slices!), but I need more motivation than that to get out of the apartment. My tummy was rumbling for a little lunch, so I decided to add that onto the trip, but where to go? A quick search led me to think Northern Spy Food Co. I'd never been, and lunch is the perfect time to try a place out.

Meatball Sandwich
What I didn't know was that I was about to have one of the best meatball sandwiches around! Their pork meatballs, sourced from Heritage Food, were tender, juicy, and most importantly, big. Excellently spiced, they tasted exactly like the meatballs my mother used to make, and she got her recipe from her best friend's Italian mother. These are the real thing, not a pretentious remake. Those meatballs came with a cheese I'd never tasted before, Big Ed's from Saxon Creamery. It's a mild, cow's milk cheese, that can get stringy like mozzarella, and reminded me of Muenster. At $13, this was quite the fulfilling lunch, in a relaxed little restaurant.

Northern Spy Food Co.
511 East 12th St
(212) 228-5100


A-Tooch said...

Looks delish! And per most places in my neighborhood, I have yet to check this one out. It's literally two blocks away... what a sin!

yolked otis said...

I'm sorta sad that this restaurant made it onto your blog....the SECRET is out! We go back over and over again and love it!