Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pirate Monkey Cupcakes

Pirate Monkey Cupcake Close up

My oldest niece just turned ten years old and chose to mark her entry into double digits with a pirate and gypsy themed party. She was the pirate captain, naturally. Since we weren't able to make it out to Chicago for the festivities, last month we did a pirate party reprise at my in-laws house complete with pirate monkey cupcakes made by yours truly...

Pirate Monkey Cupcakes

Inspired by Little B's pirate monkey gear from Gymboree, I created these cupcakes with captain and first mate monkeys. I thought I was finished Jolly Rogering up the pirate hats when I discovered a few plain black caps in the bunch. Since I had already dyed my remaining frosting red, I decided to give them red skulls and cross bones, I think the effect was kind of fun. The cake itself is the adapted mud cake recipe I made for Brooklyn Kitchen's Cupcake Cookoff a couple of years ago and the liners are from Reynolds new "Stay Brite Baking Cup" line. True to their word they stayed bright in the oven.

Next up later this month is Little B's birthday. I'd better get cracking on my idea for the little guy's cake. I'm thinking of going with a banana cake or a pumpkin cake--something not very sweet. Any recommendations for first birthday cake recipes?

In the meantime, here's a little birthday shoutout to another favorite May baby, my Lil Bobo! Hope you enjoy your special day! You may be able to drive, and vote and rent a car, but you'll always be my little brother. Love you!

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