Thursday, June 30, 2011

$10 Lobster Rolls from the Dog & Claw

Dog and Claw Roll
On our drives to Maine we'll occasionally stop off to stretch our legs in Portsmouth, NH. It's a charming old New England city and great for walking. On a recent visit I noticed a lobster roll cart on Market Square called the Dog & Claw selling $10, yes, $10 lobster rolls. Clearly this was worth investigating...

I love me a good lobster roll, but they can be quite dear.$10 is enough for me to fill a touch extravagant without breaking the bank.

Dog and Claw Cart

How did the roll stack up? Good amount of meat for the price. My only complaint was that there was perhaps just a touch more mayo than I typically like. Still, for $10 this is a great deal. If you're blowing through Northern New Endgland this summer, it's worth a stop.


chelsea said...

Mmmm Lobsta'. :) I grew up in Maine and relish in a perfect lobster roll. Toasted hot dog bun, lots of meat (mostly claw), and barely any mayo. Luke's Lobster here in NYC has decent ones but I have yet to find one as good as those in Maine. Thanks for reminding I want one! :)

Brownie said...

@chelsea yessss! that's the way I love my roll. Where do you go in Maine for lobster rolls?

Lauren said...

Omg I've been dying to go to Maine just to try lobster rolls and other seafood there. Definitely want to find this cart if I actually make it out there this summer!