Thursday, June 23, 2011

Indian Blisters on My Sisters Revisited

Indian Blisters on My Sisters

I could order a different dish every visit to Shopsin's and still never make it through their always evolving, always mouthwatering menu. It's been nearly a year since I discovered the wonder that is Indian Blisters on My Sisters at Shopsin's and on a recent brunch trip couldn't resist ordering it again...

I understand that the Indian take on Blisters is a Zach creation, so naturally it's effing delicious. Potato and chickpea curry, peas, and basmati rice over pappadam with sunny side eggs and feta cheese. Feta cheese and curry? Yes, feta cheese and curry. It's works, I promise. In fact the feta brings the whole dish together and mellows the heat. This was the first dish that I ordered at Shopsin's after Little B was born and this time, armed with chompers, he got to join in eating it. He's a fan of peas and eggs and curry (and heat) so it was a hit with the little guy. Two small but nonetheless very enthusiastic thumbs up.

Essex Street Market
120 Essex Street
New York, NY 10002


A-Tooch said...

Er, this does look questionable but in any case-- you've convinced me i NEED to get to Shopsin's.

Sherm said...

Yeah, Shopsin's menu (or is it "Shopsin's's?) looks pretty epic. It's definitely a must-stop for me next time I'm in NYC.

Brownie said...

@A-Tooch and Sherm: yes, you both need to get to Shopsin's! :)