Thursday, June 9, 2011

SCRATCHbread Rocks My World


Last weekend Lawman and I finally got the chance to visit Smorgasburg. Clearly, I hit up the Dough booth first thing for doughnuts, 'cause, hello, there's no way I can walk by their Chocolate Earl Grey doughnut, I'm just not that strong. Half an Earl Grey doughnut (and half a raspberry doughnut) later, with the edge slightly dulled, I wandered by the SCRATCHbread booth. I fell in love with their buttercream brownie at the Village Voice Choice Eats, but this time it was the Hot Sticky Mess that caught my eye...

Griddled chai sticky buns, with a vanilla bean crème anglaise, cinnamon and topped with a strawberry. Do I have your attention now?


Here are the buns taking a little dip in crème anglaise.

Frying up the hotstickymess

And then getting toasty warm.

Scratch Bread's HotSticky Mess

A double napkin dessert for sure, but one that's well worth any stickiness that may ensue.


Tara said...

This is like French toast on crack, and I'm totally smitten.

Ali said...

Oh man. oooooooooohhhmaaaannnnn. That looks good :)

the [sugar] apothecary said...

Oh my. Anything "griddled" just sounds too good... ESPECIALLY WHEN IT STARTS OUT AS STICKY BUNS! Mmm. And what is this "buttercream brownie" business?!