Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Three Tarts Makes Square Ice Cream Sandwiches?

Three Tarts Ice Cream Sandwich
A few weeks ago, back when it was still summer and warm out, I found myself passing by Three Tarts again. I think I've maybe been once since writing about their Easter offerings last year, Chelsea is just not a part of town I get to very often. So here I am walking by, a little hot and very hungry, and what do I see but a posting of a Time Out New York article featuring their ice cream sandwich. Don't mind if I do...

Three Tarts Ice Cream Sandwich
Their ice cream sandwiches are a bit smaller than some of the others around, but that also means a smaller price tag ($4.25 each). At first I as taken aback by their use of cake and not cookies, but once I bit in, I saw the reasoning. The soft cake yields to your bite, making eating one of these a much easier job. There's no ice cream squirting out of the sides here. They have a few different varieties, I believe this was vanilla ice cream with a raspberry sorbet swirl. I liked the added sweetness from the fruit, but since it was only a swirl, it didn't get cloying or overwhelming. Definitely a nice summertime treat for before or after a nice High Line walk.

Three Tarts
164 Ninth Avenue
(212) 462-4392


Leah said...

Oh my goodness, love the look of this ice cream sandwich!!!

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Are we talking any old thinly sliced chocolate cake? Does it need to be frozen ahead of time in order to spread the ice cream on it without tearing? I look forward to experimenting...