Thursday, June 16, 2011

Travels with Blondie: Kansas Has Carts!

Cherry Doughnut
When I went out to Kansas in April, I asked the Kansas if we could go to the Saturday morning Lawrence Farmers Market since it's the oldest one in Kansas and I have an unabashed love of farmers markets (touring the country's farmers markets is on my to do list). "Okay, but we'll have to get up early." I thought this meant 10am. Apparently it means 8am. The Lawrence Farmers Market is no NYC Greenmarket. They are packed up and gone by noon. Needless to say, we didn't make it. But we made it this past time, and I found food carts!

Ribs Cart
Just like at the greatest Farmers Market ever at the Ferry Building in San Francisco, in Lawrence you can get your breakfast on while shopping for groceries. That doughnut up there was a cherry doughnut from Hurtz. It had big dried cherries in the dough, and was the perfect pre-breakfast snack. They're $2, and if you get there early enough, you can score a Bacon Maple one. And this cart here is a ribs cart. Yes, Ribs! That's more of a lunch item for me, but it smelled and looked delicious.

Breakfast Cart
Next to the ribs cart was the breakfast cart, that was sold out except for coffee by the time us two lazy bums showed up.

Feasters Cart
Now Feasters wasn't REALLY a cart, but I can overlook that for ebelskivers. I like how the bacon ones were sold out; Midwesterners are fond of their bacon. Kansas and I toyed with the idea of getting some breakfast, but the line stopped us. I've been kicking myself ever since. Everything there was being whipped up fresh on their griddle, and the omelettes looked to die for. I'm thinking a return trip is in order next time.

Pretty Eggs
Instead of buying omelettes, Kansas and I did decide to pick up some eggs to make our own, and I absolutely fell in love with this dozen of mis-matched eggs. The green ones were so pretty!

Downtown Lawrence Farmers Market is Saturdays, 7am to 11am, in the parking lots between 8th and 9th Streets, and New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Be sure to get there early!

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