Tuesday, July 26, 2011

4 & 20's Raspberry Peach Pie!!

Raspberry Peach Pie
You'd think with all of the pie we've eaten at Four and Twenty Blackbirds, that we would have eaten all of their pies by now. But oh no, we haven't. Last week, I showed up and saw that they were serving up their peach pie, one of my pie favorites, except their sign was lying. They were actually serving raspberry peach pie, now one of my pie favorites.

I believe that raspberries don't get enough play in pie; they're usually too tart for something on their own and the cost of a pint is prohibitive enough for most to even consider throwing into a pie. But this pie had just enough tart raspberries playing off the sweetness from the peaches to make it something special. It was almost like a Sweet-Tart in pie form. With really great crust! I hope I can score another piece before the summer's out.

Four & Twenty Blackbirds
439 Third Avenue,
Gowanus, Brooklyn
(718) 499-2917

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Anonymous said...

Still need to check out these pies! Saw them for sale at Danny Meyer's Untitled in the Whitney this weekend too!