Monday, July 11, 2011

Checking Out Purple Yam at Last

Jap Chae from Purple Yam

Courtelyou Road in Ditmas Park is home to a couple of our favorite brunch spots: Mimi's Hummus and The Farm on Adderly. I'd always heard good things about Puple Yam as well, but when faced with the other two tried, tested, and well loved options, invariably Purple Yam got pushed aside. This past weekend, we were in the neighborhood for dinner and eager to try something new...

Goat Curry from Purple Yam
Little B was with us, but he's an adventurous eater for a little guy, so we weren't shy about ordering the Goat curry with fresh rice pancakes & mango chutney ($12). What the menu doesn't tell you is that this dish also comes with tender sweet fried plantains. The goat curry was diced into little pieces (nary a bone in sight!) which was perfect for the little dude. The coconut based curry was rich and earthy and made me wonder why I don't eat goat more often--I need to change that. Taken together the pancakes + curry + chutney + plantains created a salty, spicy, gamey, sweet explosion of deliciousness.

The Jap Chae ($9) was also well received, but the slippery sweet potato glass noodles proved to be a little hard for Little B to chew. He thought they were funny to pick up--can't say I blame him there, it's not easy eating glass noodles with your fingers.

Overall, Purple Yam is a win. Next time, brunch!

Purple Yam

1314 Cortelyou Road
Brooklyn, NY 11226

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