Monday, July 18, 2011

Good Batch's Goodwich is Summer Treat Perfection

Good Batch Ice Cream Sandwich
The summer heat came back in full force this weekend, and when I ran down to the Brooklyn Flea yesterday, not much of anything appealed as a nice lunch. I apparently don't really like eating when it's hot-this is a new development in my life. I did spot people eating large ice cream sandwiches, big enough to be considered lunch. Then I noticed these sandwiches being bought at The Good Batch stand, b-i-n-g-o.

Good Batch Ice Cream Sandwich
By the time I had figured this out, they had run out of their Peanut Butter Puck sandwiches leaving only The Goodwich left. Soft, chewy oatmeal and chocolate chunk cookies sandwich creamy vanilla ice cream and a fudge drizzle. The cookies were absolutely perfect, an abundance of oats and almost every bite got a piece of chocolate. The homemade freshness and quality of the sandwich made me overlook the price. At $6, it was the most expensive ice cream sandwich I've met this summer, but it's definitely one of the best and large enough to be a real treat.

The Good Batch is at both weekend Brooklyn Fleas; if you would like to buy their cookies, they do have an online shop.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds great! Going to the Flea on Saturday and looking forward to it!