Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Real Cheap Eats NYC!

Peter Pan Toasted Coconut
For the past week or so, we've been caught up in a brand new project: Real Cheap Eats NYC! Our friend, James, came to us asking if we'd want to contribute a few of our favorite spots for the guide, and of course we said yes. There are a number of cheap eats guides that come out every year, but never before have so many of us 'in the trenches' food bloggers collaborated like this. It's really exciting!

Ground Pork Thai Sandwich Beet Thai
Best part is it's already formatted for mobile displays and everything. James is planning more for the site beyond this, he just needs a few days to get there (I can attest that sleep has NOT been involved much in the launch.) Hopefully soon there will be a Midtown Lunch special list among a few other pretty big and important web sites. More information on where the real people eat some really great, cheap food will be added, so be sure to check back often. And if you have ANY recommendations, feel free to send us the tip!


Linh N.L. said...

I recently read your post on about cheap eats in Chinatown. If you're interested, there's actually a place in Flushing, Queens that sells 2 drumsticks for only $1 and taste absolutely fabulous (better than $1 a drum). Place is called AA Plaza, 40-66 Main Street.

Brownie said...

@Elle: Oooh, thanks for the tip!

A-Tooch said...

Love this site, guys! The blue plate special at Jimmy's No. 43 would be an awesome addition! (Not sure if it's Mondays/Tuesdays or what the deal is but it's a GREAT value).