Monday, July 25, 2011

Sandwich Awesomeness Abounds at the Serious Eats All-Star Sandwich Festival

Gramercy Tavern Ham-and-cheese
Record breaking heat? Eh. What's a little heat when you have the Serious Eats All-Star Sandwich Festival on Governors Island where the spirits were as high as the triple digit temps...

Saturday morning I packed up my Cookie Monster bag with necessary sun essentials, grabbed my enormous umbrella (the kind that would make an i-banker cry from unwieldy umbrella envy) and bid Lawman and Little B farewell.

2 plus hours before game time

I helped with set up and watched the lovely shade disappear was the sun moved across the sky.

Counter Culture Iced Coffee

Thankfully Counter Culture was plying volunteers with delicious iced coffee, which I was happily slurping down, until my brother, Lil Bobo, cut me off on coffee #3.

SE Overlord pre-festivities

Serious Eats Overlord, Ed Levine making the rounds pre-opening.

First Serious Eaters in the gate

Serious Eaters, start your stomachs! Let the sandwich fest begin...

With Lil Bobo's help I was able to get through almost all of the sandwiches...

Veg Bánh mì

Bành Mí Zòn 's refreshing vegetarian bánh mì...

Bánh mì

...and classic bánh mì, named best in the city by Serious Eats. I handed this over to Lil Bobo for a bite, and let's just say, I did not get it back.

PB and Co Elvis

Peanut Butter & Company's Elvis...yes, that's pb, bananas, honey, and bacon grilled up right.

Locanda Verde's Lamb Meatball Slider

Locanda Verde's lamb meatball slider. These two bites of lamb-y perfection packed a flavor whollop and turned out to be an awesome size as the eating wore on.

'wichcraft pork belly sliders

'wichcraft's Pork Belly Slider

'wichcraft zucchini and ricotta

and Ricotta and Zucchini sandwich with tomato and olive oil on artisan bread. This sandwich was sprinkled with just a touch of sea salt. I regret not going back for seconds.

Taim Falafel

Taim's green falafel

Torrisi Specialty Turkey Sandwich

The house roasted turkey sandwich from Torrisi Italian Specialties was Lil Bobo's favorite for the day. "Great turkey, great bread, with just the right amount of kick."

Grammercy Tavern Ham and Cheese

My hands-down-couldn't-stop-blabbing-about-it favorite was the ham & cheese from Gramercy Tavern. I'm not really even a ham & cheese fan, but this is a crave-worthy rendition that starts with house smoked ham, shaved thin, topped with fontina cheese, pickled carrots and radishes topped with garlic aioli. BEST. HAM & CHEESE. EVER.

Kenji Working the Grill

Not surprisingly on of the longest lines was for sliders grilled up by Serious Eats' own J. Kenji Lopez-Alt.

Kenji's sliders

Regular readers know that I don't eat beef. I just don't really like the taste. In fact it's probably been more than fifteen years since I had my last burger. But if I'm going to make a burger exception, a burger developed in the Food Lab kitchen is a good, no, great bet. Delicious.

Once sated with sandwiches I turned my attention to dessert.

People's Pop
Red Plum Sour Cherry popsicles from People's Pop's.

Red Plum Sour cherry Pop

Look! Full sour cherries inside!

Box of Bouchons

And chocolate bouchons from Bouchon Bakery. Why have I never had these before? The heat of the day warmed these brownie like confections up so that the internal chocolate chippies were nice and melty. Heaven.

BGICT line

Also consumed was a curried coconut dusted Cococone from Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. Unfortunately it was demolished before it could be documented, but suffice it to say I enjoyed it as much as the first Cococone I had a couple summers back.

Alas, I couldn't try the Cuatello with Grilled Peaches and Mint from Salumeria Biellese (can't do the hazelnuts) and I somehow missed the meatball sub from Best Pizza, but with the sheer number of food blogger in attendance I'm sure you'll be able to find plenty of pics and delicious write-ups.

Melissa & BGICT

And if you can believe it, the company was even better than the sandwiches. It was great to catch up with food lovin' friends both Serious Eats contributors and commentors alike. All-in-all it was a fabulous day. Special thanks to Ed, all the folks at Serious Eats (way to many to name, but you know who you are!), Amy, JoAnne and all the fabulous volunteers. So, um, when's the next sandwich fest?


BigAppleNosh said...

Looks so amazing!

Melissa Zhang said...

Wow, you really made the rounds! Impressive. The sandwiches were awesome (I was also pleasantly surprised by the ham & cheese.), but I think I probably consumed more pops, cones, and coffee throughout the day. Liquid out, liquid in.

Thanks for the photo of me with the unicorn I drew for BGICT! :)

Mo Diva said...

I think i saw you with the big ass green and white unbrella (and am hoping, that was indeed you) and I thought to myself: "thats one smart cookie"
I loved the festival but im a WIMP in the sweltering heat. I got to partake till about 145 when my body officially quit on me. Rather than making news as the only ass to faint at the festival i left early- but i was glad I went!

Lizzi said...

Goddamn. I would sell my soul - and the souls of everyone around me - to be there!!!

Brownie said...

@Big Apple Nosh: Thanks!

@Melissa Zhang: Nice to see you. Loved your BGICT unicorn sign.

@Mo Diva: Haha! That totally was me with the big ol' umbrella. Guilty as charged! I was trying to share shade with people who looked especially overheated.