Thursday, July 7, 2011

Travels with Brownie: Roast Leg of Lamb Sandwich from Bow Street Market


My family has been going to Freeport, Maine well before it was the outlet shopping destination that it's become. Much of the town is geared to the tourist trade, but if you know where to look there are some bargains to be found. Take for instance the roast leg of lamb sandwich from Bow Street Market...

Bow Street Market recently reopened in huge, new digs (can you say wine store?). Quite a step up for a great catch all market that was my first hint of what NYC bodegas would have in store for me--seriously, I don't know how those stores manage to stock so many things in such little space. The first thing I noticed at the new store was the sandwich menu at the deli. This menu isn't listed online, but they have a fantastic Roast Leg of Lamb sandwich that's to die for.


Served on a baguette with a herbed cheese spread, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and a more than generous portion of perfectly roasted leg of lamb, this handsome sandwich clocks in at only $5.99--the lamb alone goes for $15.99 a pound! Awesome deal. The only catch is they don't always have the leg of lamb in stock. Still if you love lamb and you're willing to walk just a few blocks off the beaten path you'll be well rewarded with a trip to Bow Street Market.

Bow Street Market

79 Bow Street, Freeport, ME

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Sherm said...

That sandwich looks awesome. Curious as to how the herbed cheese spread compliments the lamb...seems like it could be a natural fit. And definitely better, flavor-wise, than slathering it with an oily mayo, especially in the hot summer months.