Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Vendy's 2011: Chinatown Vendor Scouting

Fish Balls over Rice Noodles
Nominations are still open for the 2011 Vendy Awards to be held Saturday, September 24th on Governor's Island. We've been involved with the Vendy's as volunteers since '08 and this year we were asked to do some downtown vendor recon. On our scouting mission we hit five carts in search of Chinatown’s best.

For the full tour, including $1 fried chicken (hello!) check out the Vendy's blog.


Nicolas said...

I love those, they are so yummy! But I am king of worried to eat them because they deep cleaning their friars!

Sean Robertson said...

I'd hate to be the friar that got deep cleaned. Was he Franciscan? ;-)