Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Eating Our Way Down Roosevelt Avenue

Delicias Mexicanas
Sometimes we get invited to do crazy foodie things that only foodies that are crazy (and hungry) are willing to say yes to. Having a midnight food crawl down Roosevelt Avenue is one of these things. Though I've spent the better part of my life in the far reaches of Queens, I never visited Roosevelt Avenue until recently, partly because I don't speak a lick of Spanish and none of my friends ever wanted to come exploring with me. Can you blame me for chomping at the bit when we were asked to meet up at 10:30pm under the 7 tracks? For those of you who want to eat your way down the Avenue, most folks spoke English and didn't try to feed me cow brains.

Chorizo Taco
The tour started Elmhurst Avenue and Roosevelt, where I whetted my appetite with a chorizo taco from Delicias Mexicanas. A friend of mine went out on a limb and got the cuitlacoche. I had a bite and it does taste very earthy, a lot like mushrooms, and better than the chorizo I had.

Quesidilla with Pineapple
Next was the most interesting stop of the trip for me, the Coyote Dormilon cart on 92nd and Roosevelt. They're not selling your regular old quesidilla there. See the square of yellow, that's PINEAPPLE. Crazy talk! Creamy queso on top and pineapple go delicious with meat, it's almost Hawaiian.

Half Fritada, Half Hornado
While everyone was still eating, a few friends and I decided to skip along to Warren St and Roosevelt. We ended up at the Ecuadorian truck, Pique y Pase Pepin on the north-side of the intersection. This was our most delicious stop-they were ALL spectacular, but this one really stood out. One friend got pork two way, fritada (fried) and hornado (roasted). Mind you, they had at least one whole pig on the truck, you could see it from the street. Both ways of pork were great, but I think we all slightly preferred the roasted that night.

Seco de Chivo
Another friend got the Seco de Chivo or goat stew. THIS was amazing, and perfect for the rainy night we were having. The goat was marinated to falling off the bone tender, and smothered in a fantastic sauce. I've actually had thoughts of stopping by in the middle of the night for some of this.

Fish Soup
Lastly we ended up at Los Amigos on 111th and Roosevelt, sharing a bowl of fish soup. The soup had a few different types of milder fish and seafood, but it wasn't overwhelmingly fishy. If you're a soup fan, you should definitely try to stop by to check this out!

For more info on what to eat on Roosevelt Avenue, check out the post on the Vendys blog-that's the group I was with that night, and when we got separated, they found some awesome tamales! Guess this means I'm just going to have to go back to eat some.


Sherm said...

Looks like an awesome place to explore...(btw it's huitlacoche)

Siobhan said...

It is. And it's either/or. The cart themselves use the c spelling. :)

Sherm said...

I stand corrected...sorry!

Audrey Ellen said...

what a fun way to make a food crawl more extreme, at night!