Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Humpty Dumpty's All Dressed Chips

Bag of All Dressed Chips

As a kid summer trips to Maine generally involved at least one bag of locally made Humpty Dumpty Potato Chips--ketchup potato chips were a can't fail choice. I was also rather fond of the Cheese and Onion chips. Lil Bobo loved their pickle flavored Dilly chips, even if everyone else in the family thought they were kind of gross. One summer we even toured the Humpty Dumpty factory in Scarborough, Maine and saw where the magic happened. Sadly Humpty Dumpty was bought by a Canadian company and some of our favorite flavors vanished from supermarket shelves. This weekend, however, I was delighted to see Humpty Dumpty bring a classic Canadian chip flavor the "All Dressed" stateside. Now this was exciting...

I first encountered Ruffles "All Dressed" chip in Vancouver, Canada. Imagine a potato chip topped with all the chip flavorings--we're talking sour cream & onion, bbq, ketchup, AND salt and vinegar. Crazy? Perhaps. But crazy delicious. Little did I know that the All Dressed chips have a cultlike following, there's even an online petition (1667 signatures and counting!) begging Ruffles to bring "All Dressed" chips to the US.

All Dressed Chip

Spotted in the chip aisle at Bow Street Market in Freeport, Maine the Humpty Dumpty bag advertised "HD flavor" and I wasn't quite sure to expect. Sure enough when I cracked the bag the chips were laden with orange-y flavor flecked goodness. Score. The sweet smokiness of the bbq goes well with the tang of the ketchup and salt and vinegar. The sour cream and onion weren't quite and prominent. But that was a-okay. The seasonings all played nicely together. I meant to load up my trunk with these for friends, but it slipped my mind. Next visit for sure.


Unknown said...

I had never even heard of these ruffles all dressed before. They look really good. Are they starting to sell them in all stores?

Brownie said...

I believe they are still only available in Canada. You can get the Humpty Dumpty version in Maine.