Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wooly's Ice = Sweet Summer Snow

Woolys Ice

I could begin this post with some pithy Irene/weather related comment, but after 36 hours without electricity, I'm too busy hugging my laptop and admiring the light fixtures in my apartment. Hurricane weather aside, let's talk about another natural phenomenon. Shaved ice that's so fluffy and soft it melts on your tongue like perfect sweet snow...

Located downtown on 79 Elizabeth Street just outside Deluxe Food Market you'll find Wooly's Ice, a small stand serving up their own brand of shave ice, one that gets it's color and sweetness from the addition of sweetened condensed milk to the ice blocks that are then shaved with an impressive machine to serve up piles of snow ice. The ice comes in the original sweet milk flavor and green tea, but they are trying new combos and apparently recently debuted a lactose free strawberry ice at the DeKalb Market.

The Wooly

One you've picked your base flavor you need to choose a size, the Wooly is $4 and comes with 1 sauce and 2 toppings. Step it up to a Mammoth for $6 which as you might guess from the name is bigger and includes 2 syrups and 3 toppings. The toppings are reminiscent of what you might find at Red Mango or Pinkberry (the chopped fruit, mochi etc). I was meeting up with Lawman so I decided to surprise him with a little pre-lunch treat. I chose an original Wooly plus strawberry syrup with mango and mochi. Very refreshing. While the outer layer of ice started melting fairly rapidly in the heat, the inner bites remained intact and fluffy. As the summer days dwindle this is a can't miss treat before the real snow heads our way.

Check FB and Twitter for their location before heading out.

Wooly's Ice

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Schnitz said...

Brownie, have you tried the shaved ice at the Hester Street Fair? The guys serves it with 3 toppings, sweetened condensed milk and mango/ green tea ice cream for $6. I really enjoyed it this past weekend.